Tunable lens

With the Moiré lens a laser beam can be variably focused or objects at variable distance can be imaged sharply. By rotating two DOES (Diffractive Optical Element) against each other, the focal length of the lens changes – your have infinitely many lenses in one. Technology. 

Tunable axicons

Diffratec’s tunable axicons make it easy to create high-quality Bessel-like beams. The output parameters of the beam can be tuned by rotating two DOES (Diffractive Optical Element) against each other.

Datasheet electronically tunable lens
Datasheet manually tunable lens


Through special DOE design it is possible to produce tunable optical phase shifters. The same principle can be used to generate helical wavefronts (OAM). This beam resembles a corkscrew, with propagation of the wavefront.

By turning the DOE’s against each other, phase shifters and helical beam converters can be tuned easily.

From UV/VIS to IR to Terahertz radiation: For each wavelength the optimal substrate is selected for our customers. All components can be produced with apertures up to 25 mm.

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The MOIRE LENS© is an innovation in the field of focus tunable lenses. It shows some useful advantages compared to other lenses:

  • ready for high power applications
  • its focal spot stays on optical axis
  • compact design (thin and lightweight)
  • scalable in size; wavelength and power
  • diffraction limited resolution (monochromatic light)
  • continuous-, simple- and exact variation of optical properties within a wide range (e.g. D = ± 25 dpt)

As can be seen in the video, a combination of two MOIRE LENSES can be used to create a variable magnification lens. It represents the potentially most compact zoom optics (especially suitable for smartphone- or thermal-cameras).

Tunable Lens VIS
Summary English
Summary German


  • Imaging: lightweight & compact zoom optics for cameras, mobile phones, adjustable eyeglasses, human eye like imaging systems
  • High Power: laser-engraving, -marking & -cutting, scanheads for highpower applications
  • Beam projection: adjustable illumination systems, lamps & headlights, varifocal automotive lighting, scanners, projectors, printers, etc.
  • Laboratory equipment: adjustable multipurpose devices for optical prototyping, etc.
  • Scientific and front-end: laser beam shaping & modulation, production of doughnut beams in optical tweezers & interferometers, etc.
  • Further applications: thermography, infrared imaging, applications for terahertz radiation, varifocal ultra-sound lenses

Summary: Special high-end applications as well as numerous low-end mass products. Offset optical power can be implemented, optical efficiency up to 90%, chromatic aberrations computationally reducible, combination with “standard” optics (e.g. glass lenses) permits compensation of dispersion effects.