Laser-cutting, -engraving, -marking

Beam Projection



  • Imaging: lightweight & compact zoom optics for cameras, mobile phones or microscopes, adjustable eyeglasses, human eye like imaging systems
  • High Power: laser-engraving, -marking & -cutting, scanheads for highpower applications
  • Beam projection: adjustable illumination systems, lamps & headlights,varifocal automotive lighting, scanners, projectors, printers, etc.
  • Laboratory equipment: adjustable multipurpose devices for optical prototyping, etc.
  • Scientific and front-end: laser beam shaping & modulation, production of doughnut beams in optical tweezers & interferometers, etc.
  • Further applications: thermography, infrared imaging, applications for terahertz radiation, varifocal ultra-sound lenses

Summary: Special high-end applications as well as numerous low-end mass products. Offset optical power can be implemented, optical efficiency up to 90%, chromatic aberrations computationally reducible, combination with “standard” optics (e.g. glass lenses) permits compensation of dispersion effects.

Optical efficiency up to 90%

Due to its high efficiency, the lens can also be used for high-power lasers (cutting, engraving, etc.).

Large optical power range

Continuous-, simple- and exact variation of optical properties within a wide range (e.g. D = ± 25 dpt).

Compact and lightweight 

The lens is much more compact than conventional optics and can also be used where little space is available.


Tunable Lens

The Moiré Lens enables dynamical focusing.


  • Autofocus or zoom optics for minicameras in smartphones or drones as well as infrared cameras
  • Volumetric imaging and 3D-laser processing
  • Tunable lens for automotive industry, barcode scanning and terahertz applications
  • Varifocal lens for ophthalmology

Tunable Axicon

Generate a tunable axicon with the Moiré Lens to dynamically modulate self-healing beams.


  • Dynamical trapping of micrometer sized structures like cells
  • Generation of variable self-healing beams or light rings in laser processing and drilling
  • Adapting depth of field in imaging processes
  • Dynamic beam modulation in laser surgery

Tunable Lens

Tunable Phase Shifter

The Moiré Lens principle enables the realization of an infinity phase shifter.


  • Frequency shifter in high precision spectroscopy
  • Phase control in interferometry
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Atom trapping and quantum manipulation

Tunable Helical Beam

With the Moiré Lens the steepness of a staircase-like phase front can be adjusted to produce a ring focus of variable diameter.


  • Trapping and rotating micrometer sized structures like cells
  • Variably highlight object edges in light microscopy
  • Drilling rings of variable size in laser processing
  • Enhancing bit rate in telecommunication by dynamic beam multiplexing